Our workshops aim to provide a quick introduction into various, cloud-relevant topics. The Startup workshop, for instance, offers first insights into numerous cloud-platforms, the Onboarding workshop helps you to implement concrete cloud-platform ideas, and the IAM Workshop develops future-oriented access concepts. Have your pick! (more)

Patch Management

Maintaining and updating all the necessary components of an application can be tedious. We can attend to all of that, while you just… relax. When it comes to disruptive updates, we will present you with several possibilities on how to test the compatibility of your applications nice and easily.

Access & Authority Management

Everything is under control. As Identity and Access Management is more than just users in certain roles, we will survey all security-relevant aspects of the access to your Cloud-platform.

Scale Management

Not all applications scale comparably. We plan and run automated processes so your applications adapt to changes in workload automatically.

Application Performance Management

With a keenly-observing eye, we will monitor your applications to keep them running smoothly at all times. Measures necessary for preservation and optimisation are identified and integrated quickly.

Incident Management

24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure, and a guarantee that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure swift response times to any incident.

Platform Incident Management

The occasion may arise that direct communication with the Cloud Provider will be necessary. We identify problems quickly, and optimise communication to find a solution in no time.

Report Management

When working with the Cloud, a lot of relevant data and information is constantly produced and needs to be attended to. We will package all the necessary information into a single report, to give you a regular insight into your Cloud infrastructure.

Backup & Recovery Management

Having a backup is more than just being able to save & recover. We design and run scenarios not only for highly available applications, but also for Big Data applications that require long-term archiving.

Billing Management

To help you keep an eye on your costs, we will plan and construct a personalized bill from which you can draw any critical information you may need. This will be sent to you on a monthly basis, so you are always up-to-date.

Security & Compliance Management

For you to utilize the benefits of countless certifications of numerous Cloud-Providers, we’ll assist you in the planning and maintaining of international and operational security standards.

We support organizations, institutions, and NGOs.





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