Let’s be real, we all know talent comes in various shapes and forms – it has always been that way. You are either human, or you are not… so we will spare you the diversity talk.

You are different, you need balance and variety, and your love towards the public cloud is infinite: You are a Cloud Buddy! While the diagnosis is not enough for a doctor’s note, feel free to get in touch with us to set up a group-therapy session.

“It has always been my dream to build a circle of excellence. That is the reason why we established Cloudbuddies. Here, the most exciting personalities and best cloud experts come together under the same Cloudbuddies principles: tolerance, curiosity and respect.”

Dr. Nils Kaufmann, Executive Director

What is it all about for us?

Trust and competence are the foundations on which we build.

We are a team – our great colleagues make the difference. When we share our skills, our knowledge or our experience, we become one team. Diversity makes us stronger.

Positive attitude – be a passionate team player. Don’t take yourself too seriously and celebrate success.

We communicate openly and honestly – we share information, knowledge and advice constructively and regularly with others and navigate difficult situations with the help of cooperation and competence.

At cloudbuddies it doesn’t matter where you come from and what heroic deeds you have performed in the past, but that you fit in with us, that you are really good at what you do and that your actions are always oriented towards the customer’s needs and value.

It’s not just a question of your education or your CV, but whether you can add value to our company with your skills, and act in a goal- and solution-oriented manner.

We expect you to always have hunger for more, the courage to take responsibility, to be flexible, and to have a pronounced team spirit, as well as maximum enthusiasm for new cloud technologies and, of course, that you don’t think about iCloud or Sky Go when you hear the words public-cloud – keyword competence.

Communication is important to us – we talk on the phone and / or video chat with each other almost daily in short sessions. At least once a month all cloudbuddies meet at a location for a get-and-work together or “intensive workdays”, as we like to call it. This is very important to us because we work at different locations and no amount of sophisticated digital communication can replace a buddy hug.

Flexible Home-Office

Work, wherever you feel most comfortable – whether it’s home-office or at one of our locations from our coworking partner “WeWork” – you decide where perform at your best.

Flat Hierarchies

The right idea always wins, not signatures or business cards. You want to try cool and innovative things that help you develop and celebrate success? Then just do it!

Travel Benefits

Arrive stress free at your destination: Commute however you want with the cloudbuddies mobility package – car sharing, eScooter, car, metro or ebike – the choice is yours.

Flexible Working Hours

These make it easy for you to flexibly realize any private appointments, and to find a healthy balance between family & job. We get it, there are days that don’t go so well, but there are also days on which you can be really productive!

Small Teams

Work in small teams, that work independently and autonomous. We believe this makes it easier for you to get to know your Teambuddies, and to give you the feeling that you are in the right place.


We do not own any system or tool. We do not use big serversystems to keep the show running, but modern solutions such as Jira, Slack and Salesforce, so that our communication is transparent and we can deliver an excellent support to our customers.

Cloud Consultant

  • You are a techy with social skills or a socializer with techy skills?
  • You are a cloud optimist and already know the services of tomorrow?
  • You have experience with AWS, GCP or Azure Architectures?
  • Topics such as Big Data, IoT, Security or IAM make you excited?

You as a Cloud Consultant: With your charming ways you guide our customers through their journey into the public cloud. You design architectures and prepare everything, so that the Engineering Buddies can turn your plans into reality. Even whilst the workload is running, you have a blueprint in mind, you react quickly to customer-requirements and you love to perfect your work.

Awesome! Be ready for one of the most exciting work environments in the world.
Get to know cool people and work on challenging projects.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

  • You program in modern script languages like Go or Python?
  • You know what it takes to build strong API’s?
  • 3-tier web-stacks are too boring for you?
  • You have already deployed infrastructure on AWS, Azure or GCP?Serverless, CI/CD and infrastructure-as-code are your mantras?

You as a DevOps Engineer: While others stare brainlessly at their monitors, you already set up the next pipeline for our customers. With your will to act you make the implementation of exciting cloud-projects happen, and together with our consultants and SysOps Engineers, you complete the “Cloud Creator” Team. Any no-can-do becomes a can-do, you discover workarounds quicky and implement them at lightspeed.

Great! You have no other choice: Once you are in the cloud, you will be working with the latest technologies around the clock, and create architectures just as you want them to be. You are responsible for what you build!

Cloud SysOps Engineer

  • Senseless debugging is a matter of attitude to you?
  • You know, that the answers are found in Stackoverflow?
  • Here and there you turn into a nightowl?

You as a SysOps Engineer: What would we do without you? You always find a path even through the thickest of workloads, just to stay true to your motto: “It’s up and running”. You never let anything slip, support the team in the planning of all the important decisions, and make long lasting workloads a reality in the public cloud. You don’t know everything, but you know where to find it.

Cloud Engagement Manager

  • ITIL is not a korean boyband?
  • As Scrum Master you defend your black-belt in agility?
  • Operational processes are more than just coffee breaks?
  • Migrations and deliveries wake certain instincts in you?

You as a Cloud Engagement Manager: Everything runs as it should. As Cloud Engagement Manager you are responsible for the transition of the workload from a mere plan into a running service. If an issue arises, you and the “Cloud-Creator”-Team look for fast and solid solutions, which will be proudly presented to our customers. With your cloud-expertise you also support the team in the pre-sales phase, with calculations and the positioning in the room.

Let’s Get Started!

It could be so easy… We won’t waste your time with deeply philosophical presentations about the profundity of the cloud.
Simply talk to a cloudbuddy architect directly and decide for yourself, what we can do for you.

Join Us!

We grow with the Cloud! Always looking for enthusiastic Cloud Buddies.

Cloud Consultants

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Cloud SysOps Engineer

Cloud Engagement Manager