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We, as cloudbuddies, focus 100% on the public cloud and the Big4 – we have no past and deal exclusively with public cloud solutions, services and their operation.

Importantly, our promising future is not affected by our rather short past, as we are well-experienced and have the necessary financial strength.

The cloudbuddies already have a combined 120 years of project experience, 75 individual cloud-certifications and an incredible enthusiasm for the unlimited opportunities of digital transformation.


Dr. Nils Kaufmann

Managing Director

“My dream has always been to build a circle of excellence. That’s why we founded cloudbuddies. We bring together the most exciting personalities and the best cloud experts, which all share the three cloudbuddies principles: tolerance, curiosity and respect.”

Dagmar Ziegler

Managing Director

“The role of the cloudbuddies is always first and foremost to be high performers in serving our customers. Every service and every action must be measured by the success of our customers.

Oliver Schallhorn

Managing Director

“We founded cloudbuddies in 2019 with a crystal-clear mission: We simply offer our customers and partners the best solutions and managed cloud services on all relevant hyperscaler platforms.

Our Principles

Practice what you preach

Internally, the cloudbuddies use only the latest cloud technologies of relevant providers, work according to agile methods and have “more roles and less titles“, but are never dogmatic and missionary, but always utilitarian according to the motto: Good is what is useful. Authenticity, competence and transparency form the basis for a trusting and successful cooperation.

Best of Breed

The currently best solution for the individual task. Although the term originally comes from software development, the cloudbuddies have taken this agnostic approach to a holistic level. The methods, techniques, tools or platforms that are best suited to a particular requirement are determined by the workload, the customer situation and the project goal.

The Customer is our Partner

With cloudbuddies, every action must be geared to the needs and success of our customers. From the onboarding of new buddies, to the selection of tools, to the implementation of the latest cloud services, every decision must ultimately be based on the final question: Does this make our customers more successful or not? If yes, then welcome to the cloudbuddies. If not, then “hasta la vista”.


cloudbuddies GmbH is certified according to all relevant DIN norms in order to document and prove the introduction of and compliance with objective quality standards both internally and externally.

The certifications cover the following areas of application:

Trainings, workshops and consulting for public cloud platforms, migration of applications, managed services, 24/7 operation and optimization services on public cloud platforms.


cloudbuddies is certified according to the internationally recognized standard for information security and data protection DIN ISO/IEC 27001 in its latest revision 2017.

By implementing this information security management system, we document the compliance with all relevant protection and security mechanisms regarding the integrity and protection of operational data. At the same time, it ensures the availability of the IT systems involved in the company processes.

DIN ISO 14001

cloudbuddies is certified according to the internationally recognized standard for environmental management DIN ISO 14001 in the latest revision 2015.

The implementation of environmentally friendly behaviour in our processes and their independent testing is important to us in order to increase awareness and attention to sustainable management in all activities at the highest level.



DIN ISO 9001

cloudbuddies is certified according to the internationally accepted standard for quality management DIN ISO 9001 in the latest revision 2015.

When introducing this standard, the focus is on ensuring and simultaneously improving the quality standards in all relevant organisational processes. With regard to the integration into the existing 27001 information security system, a special focus is put on risk analysis and the measures to be derived from it.

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