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Workshops, preparations for certifications, webinars. We’ll help you get your cloud know-how in no time, and with ultimate comfort. Instead of dry and boring sessions, our training is more of a guided “Do-It-Yourself”.


Whether a lift & shift migration or a cloud-native workload of tomorrow, we will guide you in both the planning and implementation of your cloud-project. Our various experiences in using industry best-practices make us ideal partners to assist you in every step of the way. Be it a new or already existing project, we’ll take a detailed look and help you with any optimisation.

24/7 Support

Looking for a quiet night without having to worry about any alerts disturbing you? Then our 24/7 support service might just suit you. We monitor and sustain all cloud-infrastructures around the clock, while keeping you constantly updated on their status.

Complete Cloud Provider Portfolio

-Almost- unlimited Workloads

Plan-Build-Run, Agile, What? Implementation of the public cloud can lead to rapid change, but regular processes cannot drastically change from one day to another. We’ll make sure to seamlessly integrate our services into your current IT-Management, while offering you the freedom to change anything, anytime. Whether you want to count on old and established models, or try your break-through with new and exciting concepts – we will not be the ones to compromise your creativity. 

The Complete Cycle

From Start to Finish

Although public cloud platforms have a lot in common, they can greatly differ in their respective orientations. Not all necessary services are limited to one platform, and oftentimes a combination of various platforms does the trick. This is why we enable you to utilize multiple platforms, all at once. Whatever combination works best for you, we’ll find it.

Flexible Cloud Adaption

You dictate the rhythm

Planning is important, but planning with the right people even more so. Here at cloudbuddies, your first contact is always with an experienced cloud consultant. Onboarding occurs swiftly, and presentable results are easy to extrapolate from the planning. We consider ourselves to be innovation- and result-driven.

Lift & Shift Migration

Up up and away? Sometimes the change into the Cloud needs to happen quickly, without having to restructure the entire workload. Lift & Shift Migrations are designed specifically for this purpose. We’ll implement your workload in such a way that you can take-off immediately.


Your workload is always capable of more. Once you have fully adapted the Cloud, there will always be countless options to lower your costs, increase accessibility and to distribute the load more efficiently. Our job is to help you utilize these options, by aiding you in both the planning and subsequent implementation. The best thing is, none of the applications you are currently using will have to be changed.


Newly developed applications can take advantage of the entire power of the cloud. We’ll help you develop and implement cost-saving and failsafe architecture for your next serverless and / or cutting-edge application.

We love the Cloud. No matter where.

From Germany to the big, wide world

cloudbuddies offers certified, highly-motivated, English and German speaking support. You can find us at one of our many locations in Germany, or if you wish, we can even come to you. We are always available and eager to help you, and it is important to us that you get that feeling.

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Simply talk to a cloudbuddy architect directly and decide for yourself, what we can do for you.

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